A comparative research study on successful schools conducted under the ANTRIEP (Asian Network of Training and Research Institutions in Educational Planning) in seven countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Malaysia, and the Philippines) showed that school leaders play a critical role in the development of the school. School Leadership is being recognized as a significant and specific role in the entire scheme of education. However due efforts have not been made for empowering school leaders to perform as an effective school leader.

The present practice is to see the heads of the school as school leaders but the fact remains that all the teachers in the school are leaders by the very nature of their jobs. Efforts are being made by different Government institutions to capacitate the school heads in the areas of educational perspective, and develop as a managerial and an administrative leader but for the school to grow holistically we need to see all the teachers as leaders. A school with the strong internal team shows sustainable progression.

We believe in seeing all the teachers as school leaders with different roles and responsibilities. We help the teachers grow as school leaders through workshops which is aimed towards developing a thorough understanding on educational leadership, role and personal effectiveness.

The workshops will be for a duration of 15-25 hours spanning for 3 -5 days depending upon the need analysis, which we will be doing for the school. The team will act as facilitators of the workshop which will be interactive as we believe that learning happens best through shared understanding.

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