Sanjukta Banerjee

A teacher by profession, Sanjukta is a firm believer in the continuous professional development of the teachers for school transformation. In her initial days of teaching she continued to search for opportunities for her own professional development and she did not find many. She says that teaching cannot be done but is to be practiced. It’s a never ending process which demands continuous self-development. She worked hard in understanding the educational perspective and also worked on her role and personal effectiveness. Today she considers herself as a school leader. But she also considers herself as a learner.

Sanjukta is a Post Graduate in Education, well versed in Sanskrit, and is a reflective practitioner in teaching. She is an excellent facilitator and knows the art of keeping the participants engaged with her facilitation. She loves to grasp the complexities of phonetics, to paint, to sing, to write poems, to do interior designing, and friends consider her as the best chef in the town !

Sanjukta's experience as teacher is the inspiration behind the formation of Eduleaders.


Mani Bordoloi


Mani is a teacher and a teacher educator for the last twenty years. She loves her job and says that she made the best decision in her life when she opted for the teaching profession. As a teacher she wanted to excel, which she did, but she felt the lack of scope for professional development of teachers in her professional journey. She took the task to herself and continued to work on her own professional development. She attended workshops and seminars whenever opportunities came her way. She applied the learning from these events in her own profession and gradually capacitated herself. Today she is a sought after consultant and a school coach.

Mani is a gold medalist both in her undergraduate and post graduate. She writes text books in education for one of the state boards. She is a public speaker and an excellent facilitator. She loves traveling, loves to cook, and considers herself as a foodie.

She is instrumental in giving shape to the idea of Eduleaders.

Debasish Nandy


Debasish has worked extensively with the school leaders of the Government schools for the past five years. Being a teacher himself in his early career and now as teacher educator he understands the gap which exits in the area of teacher professional development. While working with the school leaders he felt strongly the need of continuous engagement with the school leaders in different modes. He believes that a school requires all the teachers to visualize themselves as a leader in their respective roles and responsibilities.

Debasish is a Post Graduate in Economics and Finance and did a two years fellowship program in the domain of Education Leadership and Management. Continuous engagement with the school leaders has given him confidence in working extensively with the teachers in the domain of Education Leadership and Management. He gained experience in designing & developing modules on Education Leadership and Management and customizing training programmes based on training need analysis to enhance the skills & efficiency of the school teachers. He loves doing photography, making short films and reading non-fictions.

Debasish conceptualized Eduleaders along with Sanjukta and Mani.

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