Education Leadership and Management

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The significance of effective leadership and management for the successful operation of schools is now widely acknowledged. There is growing recognition that the quality of leaders and leadership is critical if schools are to create the best possible environments and outcomes for their learners and their stakeholders. The long-standing appreciation of the vital role of teachers is now being matched by an understanding that skilled leadership is also required if schools and colleges are to thrive.

It is the leader who is responsible for ensuring the right kind of environment where quality teaching-learning can take place. This requires focus on a variety of important work areas like developing a shared school vision and goals, developing appropriate physical and socio-emotional environment in the school, ensuring continuous professional development, providing academic leadership, building healthy relationships with a variety of external stakeholders, ensuring optimum utilization of resources etc.

The evidence on school effectiveness and school improvement during the last 15 years has consistently shown the pivotal role of school leaders in securing high quality provision and high standards. Effective leadership is a key to both continuous improvement and major system transformation.

This calls for growing all the teachers of the school as leaders. In an institution as dynamic as school a model of distributive leadership gives more mileage to the school and allows all the teachers to develop a sense of ownership. The feeling of ownership by each and every teacher of the school motivates them to give their best which results in improved teaching learning processes in the school.

One of the most important aspect of Education Leadership and Management is to imbibe in the teachers the sense of leadership in the areas of academics and management along with social leadership. This can be achieved through continuous engagements with the teachers in this domain.

An understanding on different aspects of Education Leadership and Management guides a teacher in building vision and setting direction, understanding and developing one’s own role and responsibilities, re-designing the organization, managing the teaching and learning programme.

The team at Eduleaders believe that the best way to transform the school is to provide opportunities to all the teachers of the school in developing them as a leader. This calls for providing opportunities for continuous professional development of the teachers in the domain of Education Leadership and Management. We help schools in creating scope for distributive leadership through interacting with the teachers in different modes in the domain of Education Leadership and Management. We believe that distributive form of leadership has the most significant impact on sustaining school development/initiative/reforms, on student outcomes, teacher morale as well as creating the right school culture

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