We as consultant, will be working along with the school leaders by identifying the strengths and weakness of the school. We will be doing this by talking with the students, teachers and the parents over a period of time.          

As a consultant our role will be to fix the systematic problems, improve the learning environment and identify the needs of the teachers. We will be doing all these in close association with the school leader.

As consultants we will be supporting the school in doing its own development to build internal capacity and to have sustainable progression.  Hence we see a long time association with the school as we believe that, it’s only through continuous engagement that a support for sustainable progression for the school can be achieved.

As consultant we are attentive to details, experienced in planning and organizing, skilled in identifying problems and brainstorming potential solutions. We are empathetic, and sociable. We are comfortable in working collaboratively with the school team. We are also interested at traveling and working in diverse range of environments and hence we will love to visit your schools while working as consultants.



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