We believe that continuous paint-1280557__180engagement with teachers over a period of time  not only capacitates the teacher to understand the perspective of education and his/her role effectiveness but also helps in individual transformation , thus transforming the team and the school. It leads to a holistic development of the school. The purpose of coaching is to have this continuous engagement.

We offer coaching to the school leaders or the other important members of the school around whom a team revolves. We coach them in the areas of Educational Perspective, Role Effectiveness and Personal Effectiveness. A continuous engagement in these three aspects helps to develop a greater ability to adapt complexity and broadening of perspective that leads to arrive at solutions to challenges which seemed difficult to arrive at. Through coaching we will be helping the school leaders to lead with more enthusiasm and approach the challenges with positive mindset. We will be helping the school leaders to develop new ways of thinking to lead the team to work for vision of the school with a shared understanding and thus helping to achieve the team’s goal.

Our team members have wide experience in working with the school leaders over a period of time. They have been instrumental in bringing transforming the school leaders which led to the overall school development. The main objective of our team members as school coach is to develop the sense of ownership of the school leaders working in the three areas of educational perspective, role effectiveness and personal effectiveness. We believe that development of sense of ownership by the school leaders will bring a culture of  relaxed but focused working environment in the school which helps in the overall school development.

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