About Us

about-usWe are a team of teachers whose teaching experience has been awesome. It’s awesome because we enjoyed our job. We enjoyed because we were able to visualize ourselves as school leaders in different capacity. We enjoyed more because we played our individual role effectively to grow our school. And so we like to call ourselves as Eduleaders.

To capacitate the teachers in domain of educational perspective, role effectiveness and personal effectiveness is the need of the hour both for the schools and for the teachers. An in- depth understanding in these three areas will not only improve the overall performance of the school but it will also help in enjoying what we do best, which is teaching the children. Broadening our own perspective in the domain of education transpires in improved learning experience by the children of our school thus improving the overall performance of the school.

We are new as a team but we have wide experience. The experience comes from our years of teaching experience and working in the capacity of teacher educators. We have learned from our experience. We also learnt from best practices of the teachers whom we came across during our journey as a teacher.

Through Eduleaders we will share our experience with all our fellow teachers.

Our prime objective is to capacitate teacher to grow as school leaders. The prime objective will be achieved through fulfilling the sub objectives which are:

  • Inculcate skills that encourage exploration, interactive learning, problem solving, and reasoning
  • Making teacher a facilitator of learning and implementer of innovative teaching
  • Bring new generation teaching strategies and materials
  • Help teachers develop assessment strategy for evaluating student learning
  • Help to adapt instructional methodology and strategies that unify knowledge
  • Help adopt creative models of teaching
  • Understand the importance of role effectiveness and personal effectiveness.

We hope that we can play an important role in transforming your school through transforming your teachers as School Leaders.

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