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Teachers are the heart of the education process - the success of any effort to improve the quality of education is centrally dependent upon the teachers. Schools should create resource-rich motivating environments for teachers providing continuous opportunities for professional learning and interaction. Teachers must feel a sense of pride in belonging to a well-qualified, close-knit and vibrant professional group. Teachers should be seen as the school leaders in their individual capacity.

For the holistic development, the school needs to have a strong internal team. Each of the team member has to be groomed as a leader and be given the responsibility to take the school towards its vision and mission. Capacitating the teacher in the domain of educational perspective, role effectiveness and personal effectiveness is pivotal in the sustained progression of the school.  Educational Leadership and Management ( ELM ) for the school teachers addresses  the need of the teachers in developing an in-depth understanding in educational perspective, role and personal effectiveness. The deep understanding in the domain of Educational Leadership and Management transforms the teachers to school leaders which in turn takes the school to the next level of development and sustained progression.

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We believe in continuous engagement with the school leaders for their professional development. Coaching is one form of continuous engagement with the school leaders. We offer coaching to the school leaders in different aspects of Education Leadership and Management to broaden their perspective in education, in role effectiveness and in personal effectiveness. Coaching is to help the school leaders to bring out the leadership qualities in them to grow professionally as well as play an instrumental role in school transformation.


Our consultancy services focuses on most critical issues and strengths of the school. We will be identifying the critical issues to minimize its effect on the progress of the school. We will be working on strengthening the strengths of the school to bring multiplier effect for the school transformation. As consultant we will also be focusing on building the internal capacity of the team in the domain of Education Leadership and Management. We will be visiting the schools and will be working in close association with the school leaders to bring in the desired changes expected by the school.


We offer workshops for the teachers of the school on Education Leadership and Management. The duration of the workshops are 15 hrs. to 25 hrs. spanning over 3 -5 days which will depend upon the need and comfortability of the school. The workshop will be designed to orient the teachers in the areas of educational perspective, role effectiveness and personal effectiveness. It can also address some of the needs specified by the school. We believe in interactive learning and hence in the workshops we will focus more on case studies, activities, group reading and role playing. We will be focusing more on shared understanding and developing the leadership skills of all the teachers of the school in the workshop.

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